Workout Program

We’ve created you a great beginner’s workout program.

It hit’s all the major muscle groups via compound exercises. A compound exercise is when you hit more than one muscle group during the movement. So instead of you doing a seated dumbbell curl you’re going to be doing an under arm pull up… This will hit your back, abs and biceps, where the dumbbell curl will hit just your bicep!

The split goes PUSH, PULL, and then LEGS

Workout 1 is basically all the exercises that involve you pushing, and the same goes for the pull.




You can chose whether or not to do a 6 day split or 3 days split.
So its 3 days then rest, or 6 days then rest. See what works best for you!

Okay 8-12 reps is the rule,

If you hit 12 reps with ease, go heavier.

If you struggle to get to 12 stay the same.

If you get less than 12 drop the weight for the next set.

Ideally you don’t want to get to 12 reps, it always wants to be a challenge. This is very important. Each session you want to be increasing the weight or reps and always pushing yourself. This is called progressive overload.

3-4 sets

Why 3 or 4? Well if you do the first set and it’s to light don’t count it, and therefore you’d do 4 sets. IF the first set was challenging then 3 is okay.


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