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How many steps for fat loss?


Optimum number of steps for fat loss:

This is Betty...


Let's say Betty has picked the following settings on the Team RH app:

Workouts: None

Step goal: 5,000

She is roughly going to be burning 2,200 calories a day. We have then set her a 1,700 calorie goal, predicting that it will create a daily 500 calorie deficit.

Across one week she will likely burn 1lb of fat <------ remember this.


What happens when Betty increases her step goal?

Let's say that Betty ups her game and picks 10,000 steps as her daily goal. We then up her calorie allowance to 1,900. She will now be in a 900 calorie deficit.


We've upped her calories because we don't want to lead her to a binge. We believe in sustainable and long term results on the Life Plan, not quick fixes. The last thing we want is for her to regain the weight long-term.

Now imagine if Betty chose 15,000 steps as her goal. We predict she'll be burning 3,300 calories a day, so the coaches on our app can then up her daily allowance to 2,000 calories.

This leaves her in a 1,300 calorie deficit compared to her previous 500 calorie deficit. This could result in losing 2.5lbs a week!


By upping your steps to 15,000, you are now burning another 1.5lbs a week.

Can you imagine how much faster your weight loss journey will be? It's an absolute game changer, and you can easily up your step count at home with Rach over on YouTube.

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So more steps = more weight loss?

Yes, but we found that doing more than 15,000 steps is not advantageous. It's pushing you too much and you won't get that much bigger of a deficit. Unless it's in your lifestyle to do more than 15,000, it's not something we would recommend.

Should I focus on steps alone?

Absolutely NOT.

Your steps should go hand in hand with accurate calories/macro tracking. If your tracking is rubbish then your calorie deficit could be out by a couple of hundred each day meaning you'll burn less body fat.

Why don't you just lower my calories?

So let's say we went along with this and dropped Betty's calories to 900 on the Life Plan. 900 hundred calories... you already know where this is going to go - your health is going to suffer.

Key Points:

  • Ya dog will hate ya if you do 5,000 steps.
  • Choose a step goal to suit your lifestyle.
  • Daily calorie deficit is larger with the more steps you do.
  • Track your calories & macros accurately.
  • Use Rachael's step videos if you struggle to hit your goal.

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