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8 rules for fat loss that absolutely MUST happen


The rules for fat loss:

So you're here because you want to know everything you need to do to lose fat.

I'm going to keep this to the point because I want you to succeed and these are what we teach on the Life Plan.

1. Hit your calories - this must happen okay. Don’t go over them no matter what, get them bang on.

2. Smash your step/activity goal - this creates a bigger deficit and equates to more fat loss.

3. Hit your protein - don't give a fk if you go over just hit it (MINIMUM - 110g for women, 150g for men)

4. Hit your fibre - again don't give a fk if you go over just hit it (10g of fibre per 100g carb is good ratio)

We're half way there... Stay with me

5. Make sure 80% of your caloric intake is from nutrient-rich food like fruit, veg, whole-grains etc (no point in losing fat if your health declines). If you’re on 2,000 calories 20% would be 400 cals which you could use up on poptarts, chocolate etc.

6. DONT GIVE A F#%K ABOUT SUGAR if you hit rule 4 & 5 then enjoy fruit, juices, sweet potato.

7. Lift weights - time and time again, studies show people who lift weights lose the MOST amount of fat and keep it off.

8. Don’t give one single F#%K what any motherfkr on this planet thinks of you.

Simple enough?

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