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Best Alcohol to choose on a night out


Okay here it is... the ultimate “how to get seshy with damage limitation”

Calories are law folks, you should know this by now. I never shut up about it. Honestly, I’m even doing my own head in now.

So if you’re out on the sesh you’re either gonna pay the ultimate sacrifice and make your alcohol calories fit in your total calories and sacrifice food.

Or accept you’re on it, fuck fat loss for the day but obviously try your best with damage limitation

So here are the absolute NO NO drinks...

Cocktails - filled with sugar, milk, cream, fuck that! 

Alcopops - smirnoff ice, vk cherry, all that shite, fuck all alcohol and loads of calories.

Ciders, again full of sugar. High in calories. Koppabergs etc.

Pints - absolute no no the alcohol to calorie trade off isn’t worth it.

Shots - apple sours, syrupy shit, all off the list.

Haha I mean with all then gone, what the hell is the point in going out 😆

Wrecks all the fun.

Well yeah, but remember you’re fucking fat and you smashed wayyyyy too much of that shit down ya gob in the past. So it’s time to pay the fking price 👊🏼

Okay we will call this the cushty list. A word I’ve not used for years, from up north and it means ... okay, kool, sound. So we’re bringing that fkr back for one day only.

Cushty as fuck list

Prosecco - gets you off your tits, and is really low in calories.

Vodka, Bacardi, Gin, etc basically all clear spirits that are around 37.5% and above. Watch out for the malibu’s etc as they can get a bit lairy on the calorie side vs units of alcohol and are only 20% ish.

Mixers ! This is the most fucking important part of this whole shitty, no grammar, non fking proof read, wrote on a cross trainer, shitty blog...

Must be diet lemonade, diet coke, sugar free red bull, all the drinks with NO FUCKING calories. Don’t be a bean bag okay. Imagine every drink you had,  you opted for diet version....

That’s what we’re doing here.

Smart fking choices.

And the difference can be thousands of calories.

Deadly serious. Total that shit up.

The key is to workout units of alcohol vs calories. So you can get fucked up, tipsy, what ever the fk you prefer and keep calories under control.

The above info can be the difference between you still creating a deficit by the end of the week or becoming a total fking human beanbag.

Now then, if you’re in shape, drink wtf you want. Don’t go slag me off in your little mythyroidisfucked forum etc or whatever group you like to bash me in.

This info is for specific people that need help, not you who has your shit locked down smashing life.

Finally, I’ll finish this by saying thank you for taking time to read this, I wish I could teach this without the swearing, shit craic, etc but people simply don’t listen.

I’d appreciate it so much if you could go back to the page post, like and share it, comment and all that shite as it hugely helps us and allows me more time to develop the service.

Have a great weekend, 

Work your ass off,

Never give up.