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Find out how Tori lost 70lbs and has gained confidence in herself


Tori is one of our members smashing the Life Plan. We caught up with her to see how she managed her insane weight loss journey.

Read on for her amazing transformation...

"I just wasn't active at all."

After having my daughter, I struggled with my mental health. I literally just wouldn't move.

Sitting watching the tele, and turning to food for comfort, caused me to start piling weight on. It got to a point where I was sat on the floor with her and physically couldn't get back up.

"I was too lazy to care about what I was eating."

Whatever food option was the easiest, is what I'd eat. My diet consisted of on-the-go, fast food and takeaways.

I was too lazy to put effort into my nutrition.

I came across a video of Richie on Facebook. I thought 'this man is absolutely bonkers but he's completely right'. I lingered on the page for about 6 months and finally joined in March 2020.

"I have now gone from weighing 240lbs, to weight training 4 times a week"

I'm so much more active now. I aim to hit a minimum of 12k steps everyday.

I've fallen in love with weight training too and have noticed a huge change in my body's shape since starting last year.

Check out Tori's food diary below...

I never feel guilty with what I eat now. I understand nutrition so much more and love varying my recipes and foods to reach my daily targets.

"The support on the app is incredible."

Make the most of the support Team RH offer you. It's such a positive community and I found the affiliates an inspiration in the Facebook group.

Being able to discover new recipes on the app, and write notes, are definitely my favourite features.

"Believe in yourself and believe in the plan - you won't regret it."

I can honestly say I'm so much happier, confident and active now and it's really rubbing off on my family and friends.

It seems hard at first but put the graft in and I promise you will get the results you want, you won't regret it.

**DISCALIMER** Tori's transformation is insane but it's nothing YOU can't do. Tori got here through hard fkn graft and following the Life Plan.

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