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How to lose weight whilst menopausal


I can promise you all now you’re not gonna like this, but you need to hear it...

So why the fk does Menopause cause weight gain, and what can you do about it?

Your hormones change when you go through the change, and that basically F#%KS with your hunger levels, a lot! So if you’re previously not tracking your food then you will more than likely end up eating more than usual. This increase in calories may have put you in a surplus of calories and caused weight gain.

Next up is fatigue, a lot of women report being tired as hell when in both peri and post menopausal state, because again your hormones are all over the shop. This reduction in energy means that you move a lot less, which will result in a lower calorie burn.

Now there is lots of other claims like, insulin sensitivity, low Estrogen, etc, etc, but the data isn’t conclusive at all. So we’re staying away from all that for now until more research in the future is done.

What we do know though is that you’re naturally going to be eating more and moving less. Which if you follow what we teach, you know that will give you a one way ticket to looking like a human beanbag.

Now all that sounds pretty sh!t yeah? I agree, it sucks to be a woman right now, and I bet it’s not helping that fking man is writing this!

I’ve got good news though, I give a sh!t and I think I can help you

The truth is that your menopausal state is NOT magically causing you to store more fat than normal, or not be able to lose it compared to any other person. Basically your calories in Vs calories out have simply changed without you realising. (moving less, and eating more)

Now this is the part when you read an article or an Ad like this, and you’re sold something like....

‘Best foods to avoid Menopausal weight gain’


‘Top exercises to burn Menopausal belly fat’

They're all a load of shit okay, playing on your naivety in this subject area.

It’s not nice, and it certainly isn’t fking fair what I’m about to say. Just know I didn’t make up the rules and I care very much about your situation and how difficult this is.

I’d also like to add the reason why you’ve not heard it like this before or said so simple is because other guys mix it up, complicate it, and try to make a plan to sell you.

I’m just gonna tell you straight up what the fk needs to happen. Then you can choose whether to moan how unfair it is & be overweight, or do something about it

Step 1

You’re gonna be more hungry from here on, so increasing your protein and fibre intake, and eating less processed sh!te is really going to help counter that. Increasing your water intake will also help a lot.

Step 2

You’re going to be naturally more lethargic. So set a step goal and force yourself to stick to it. There ain’t no tips here, you either work fking harder to counter how shit this is or accept being overweight.

Step 3

Lift fking weights! Weight resistance training will 100% increase your metabolism. And because yours is only gonna get sh!tter you’re gonna have to counter that. Increasing lean muscle will burn more calories. And no you won't go big and bulky.

Step 4

Count your calories, yes there are other diet methods, but if you want guaranteed results and accountability then it’s the real fking deal.

Pretty sh!t right ?

That’s right, To counter this, you’re gonna have to work harder than before, and you’re gonna have to go above and beyond to fight against the natural female life cycle.

I know it’s pants, and I really do feel for you all. It's hard to be a woman, And the odds are stacked up against you to keep that weight off.

The plan we offer works for everyone, and is perfect for women going through the change. So to try soften the blow I'll wave the £20 sing up fee from our life plan with the code " HOTFLUSH "

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