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Find out how Josie lost 70lbs and completely changed her life


Josie is one of our members smashing the Life Plan. We caught up with her to see how she managed her amazing journey.

Read on for her transformation...

"I would always make excuses for not losing weight."

I'd blame having a slow metabolism for not losing weight, even though I'd do zero physical activity.

I drove everywhere and didn’t do any exercise. Any exertion was hard work and I struggled with it a lot.

"I had no idea how many calories I was consuming."

My portion sizes were huge. I'd regularly eat a large pizza followed by a sharer bag of crisps, and then a tub of ice cream.

I tried Slimming World multiple times. I felt like a failure every time I joined again because I'd end up putting all the weight back on as soon as I stopped. It was just so unsustainable.

Having my daughters made me want a healthy relationship with food and exercise. I didn’t want them to be like me. Something had to change.

One of my friends who'd lost loads of weight, told me about Team RH and I signed up to the Life Plan straight away.

"I've now lost over 5 stone and feel amazing."

I feel so much better in myself now. I've gone from barely walking the dog, to hitting at least 10k steps everyday.

I'm now a yoga instructor too which is mad, and I've just started Zumba classes twice a week.

Check out Josie's food diary below...

"I can actually enjoy food without feeling guilty now."

I always track my 2100 calories and make meal plans to try and hit my protein targets, as I used to find it difficult with being vegan.

I now eat what I want within my targets and won't feel bad about eating it.

I also like that I can track my period, so I know when my weight is going to fluctuate.

"The energy and confidence I have now is incredible."

I’m so grateful for the plan as it's given me my life back, I'm able to do so much more with my family, and I'm saying yes to things I never would have before losing the weight.

"This plan is 100% one of the best things I've ever done."

My advice to anyone thinking of joining would be to just sign up now - it will honestly change your life for the better.

**DISCLAIMER** Josie's transformation is nothing YOU couldn't do. Josie got here through hard fkn graft and following the Life Plan.

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