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Find out how Sue lost over 80lbs without restricting her diet


Sue is one of our amazing members smashing the Life Plan. We caught up with her to see how she managed her insane weight loss journey.

Read on for her transformation...

"I weighed 280lbs and was totally miserable"

Back then I was fat and lazy. I literally just wouldn’t move off the sofa. It got to the point that I could barely walk up the stairs without getting out of breath. I'd turn to food for comfort because I felt so crap.

I’d reached a size size 22 in clothes. My diet consisted of regular takeaways, and I'd started smoking heavily. I just wasn’t living the life I wanted.

"I gained almost double the weight with Weight Watchers"

I tried every diet: Slimming World, Atkins, Weight Watchers, 5:2 - none of them worked.

I initially lost a bit of weight with Weight Watchers, but because they don’t really advise you on nutrition and lifestyle, as soon as I had a bad day, I would turn to food for comfort again and start to binge. I ended up not only putting the weight back on that I’d initially lost, but at least another 20lbs on top.

I was back to square one and feeling crap.

I sadly lost my mum around this time in October 2017. She was a larger lady and this took a massive toll on her health. It made me realise I didn't want to end up like that.

I then saw a video of myself where I looked absolutely massive and it made me sob for hours. It gave me the drive to change for good this time.

I took my friend’s advice and looked into Team RH on Facebook. I watched all of Richie's videos, he spoke A LOT of sense and inspired me to join in January 2018.

"It's a total lifestyle change."

I’ve now been with Team RH for over 2 years and dropped 5 dress sizes. I still stick to the plan and track everyday, it's my lifestyle now.

It's completely changed my relationship with food. I don’t guilt over anything I’m eating. I know that if it stays within my 2000 calories, then I can have foods I want everyday, rather than binging at the weekend.

"If I want chocolate, I’ll have it - guilt free."

On a normal day, I'll have crumpets, with egg and beans for my lunch at work, and then chicken pittas with veg and potatoes for my dinner. I make sure to keep something sweet each night, it's usually a cornetto or some chocolate, and I'll eat it guilt-free, because I've already reached my protein and fibre goals, and tracked them on the app.

Check out Sue's food diary in this video...

"I can now run for miles without it killing me."

I struggled with my steps at first, my knees would hurt and it was hard breathe properly. Now, I get at least 15,000 steps in everyday, without fail. I’ll put Rachael’s step videos up on the TV in a morning, before I go to work, it's so easy.

I even managed to run a 5k last year. It was so emotional for me because I’d come so far and just couldn’t believed what I’d achieved.

"I can see my body toning up."

My life has been completely flipped on its head. The gym has now become my passion and I've seen such a change in my body since I started lifting weights.

Following the plan and finding a passion for the gym has given me so much confidence in myself.

"I've gained so much confidence since joining."

I actually ended up applying for a managerial role last year, which was something I thought I'd never do. I realised that if I could change my lifestyle that dramatically, then taking on a new role was achievable too.

"The experience is the best thing I’ve ever done."

My advice for new people joining Team RH would be to learn as much as your can from the coaches and the app. I promise you'll reap the benefits and it'll make the transition so much easier.

Don’t do what I did and wait to sign up. You don't want to look back in a year and think I wish I had joined then.

"Don't wait to join - just do it now."

**DISCLAIMER** Sue's transformation is insane, but it's nothing YOU couldn't do. She got here through hard fkn graft and following the Life Plan.

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