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Find out how Melanie lost 49lbs and massively improved her health


Melanie has been smashing the Life Plan for just over a year now. We caught up with her to see how she managed her insane transformation.

Read on to see how she did it...

"I would always wear baggy clothes to hide my stomach."

I saw my belly as a problem area. I felt sluggish and unattractive and it really affected my confidence.

Wearing baggy clothes was the only way I could make myself feel comfortable going out, and I started to notice that older clothes weren't fitting me anymore.

"I was a serial snacker."

I'd always opt for the quicker food option, which was normally crappy food. I'd find myself snacking on crisps and biscuits.

I pretty much ate what my kids were eating, as it was just easier for me.

The only time I was ever active really, was when I doing the school run. If I tried to up my activity levels, it just lead to more binging. This was horrendous for my health, as I suffer from diabetes.

Something had to change.

"I tried Slimming World and Weight Watchers, but the 'free food' concept just didn't work for me."

Other slimming groups just weren't working for me. I found Team RH on Facebook and something just clicked - everything Richie was saying made sense. I later joined the plan in July 2020.

"I've now dropped 4 dress sizes and lost 49lbs."

I now run 5K at least 3 times a week to reach my step goal.

I can't believe I now lift weights 6 times a week. I've really toned up and now love the shape my body is in.

See exactly what Melanie eats to hit her targets below...

I'm a vegan, so I build my meals around my protein targets. I love that once I've earned my macro levels on the app, I know that I can have crisps or chocolate that fit into my 1900 calorie allowance.

"It's had a positive impact on my diabetes."

I've managed to reduce my insulin levels by up to 70% because I now understand macros and nutrients and weighing all my food has become second nature to me now.

"The Plan has became a massive part of my life."

The whole experience has totally changed my life for the better. My mental state has improved massively and I can see my body changing everyday.

"Why wait to change your life, just do it now."

My advice to anyone considering signing up the to Life Plan would be to not wait any longer. Why wait, when you could change your life now?

DISCLAIMER** Melanie's transformation is incredible but nothing YOU couldn't do. Melanie got here through hard fkn graft and following the Life Plan.

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