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Find out how Natasha lost 28lbs in just over 5 months.


Natasha is one of our members smashing the Life Plan. We caught up with her to see how she managed her amazing journey.

Read on for her transformation...

"I was afraid I wouldn't be around for my kids"

I lost both of my parents, who weren't particularly healthy, and I didn't want my kids to have to go through the same thing.

"It took me over a year to lose a stone with Slimming World"

I was very limited with the food I could eat, and would eat massive amounts of 'free food' like pasta and rice.

Although I was fairly active, I struggled with carrying my extra weight and having a desk job didn't help.

Team RH crept onto my Facebook feed one day. I was intrigued by Richie's videos because they were funny  but he also spoke a lot of sense.

He really opened my eyes and one day, something just clicked.

signed up in March this year, and haven't looked back since.

"Its been around 35 years since I've been a size 10."

I never thought id have the time to be active with my job.

I now do pole classes three times a week, weight training at home, at least 5k steps with Rachael as well as cardio & conditioning.

Team RH has educated me and I am always tracking my calories.

'Free food' doesn't exist and fat doesn't make you fat.

Check out Natasha's food diary below...

"I would recommend the Life Plan to absolutely anyone"

It's something you can stick at really easily, make the plan work for you and don't restrict yourself.

I have met so many like-minded people when attending all of my classes, it's so supportive.

I really recommend Rachael's step videos, I often put one on during my lunch at work.

You don't need to worry about bad weather, or being out in the public, to get your steps in.

She's also super motivating!

"Team RH has changed my life so much, and I can't thank them enough."

Roundup & key takeaway's:

  • Eating 1800 calories everyday & now has started reverse dieting.
  • Getting her 10k steps in with Rachael's videos.
  • Natasha is now on 5k steps (as she has taken on other activities).
  • Exploring new activities that she now loves.
  • Educating herself about nutrition.
  • Incorporating weight training at home.
  • Believed in the plan.
**DISCLAIMER** Natasha's transformation is insane but it's nothing YOU couldn't do. Natasha got here through hard fkn graft and following the Life Plan.

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