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Top 3 exercises to burn belly fat.


Best 3 exercises to tone belly fat

Is it Crunches? 


What about burpees?


Okay then how about planks?


Let me explain something to you all so you can better understand this. Because If I get this asked one more time, I’m gonna become a juice plus rep.

Okay think of it this way

There are your organs, which we will ignore.

There is your bones

On top of your bones is a layer of muscle

On top of your muscle is a layer of fat.

You with me ?

Now nutrients and shit will increase bone health like calcium and all that carry on.

Weight resistance training like burpees, crunches, planks etc will increase the MUSCLE size.

Now that leaves us with just the fat left.

Think of fat like this…..

Fat is just shit that hangs off you. You can prod it, shake it, and grow the muscle underneath it… but it will do absolutely FUCK ALL to that actual fat.

Are you still with me ?

Go on grab your tummy, there ain't no muscle in-between those fat layers is there ? Perhaps really deep you have a cracking pair of abs but in the actual roles its simply just fat hanging around doing fuck all with it’s life.



That you can manipulate your BODY FAT levels is via your caloric intake.

Your net calorie intake will dictate your body fat levels.

Think of it as numbers

Let’s say you have 20,000 units of fat on your body

You burn 3000 calories

You consume 2000 calories

Creating a 1000 calorie deficit

Which then manipulates your body fat levels to 19,000 units.

It's really important you understand the above. If you don't pop back to the Facebook post and ask me a question. I'm on all day and I'll do you a video reply.

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Remember, I’m not kidding guys , I’m ready to pack this shit in and go full time juice plus rep and start misleading all you mofo’s if you don't start taking this in.

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