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This is how Daisy lost 57lbs with Team RH


Daisy is one of our members smashing the Life Plan. We caught up with her, to learn more about how she managed her insane transformation.

Read on for her journey...

"I'd stick to baggy clothes because I hated my shape."

I would never buy new clothes. I couldn't face seeing myself in the changing rooms as it was a constant reminder of the weight I was piling on.

"I was a horrendous secret eater."

During lockdown, I'd stress eat and use food as a coping mechanism to escape.

Because I'd turned vegetarian, I'd literally snack all day, because I thought this food was 'healthier'. I used exercise as a way to compensate for how much I was eating, but I'd just use it as a pass to eat even more.

"With Slimming World, once the diet ends - the support ends."

I tried Slimming World a few years ago. I initially lost some weight, but once the diet ends, the support ends, and I piled the weight back on.

I really wanted out of this toxic cycle of secret eating and berating myself.

My friend mentioned that Team RH had helped her lose all her weight. I looked them up on Facebook and started to learn as much as I could from the videos.

I took the plunge and joined Team RH in October 2020.

"I've now lost over 57lbs and dropped 5 dress sizes in 10 months."

Once you understand calorie counting, you're set for life.

I now know that I can eat my 2000 calories a day, and have foods I actually enjoy, as long as I weigh everything out.

The plan has provided me the knowledge and recipes to hit my macros. With being a vegetarian, I used to find it hard to hit my protein goals, but I'm now hitting up to 42g of protein in my meals.

I now understand how my body works and know that it's normal for my weight to change throughout the process. Being able to track my periods has made it easier to stay motivated on the plan.

"It's been a total lifestyle change for me."

I don't force myself to be active anymore, I genuinely enjoy clocking my 15k steps a day. I've now started wild swimming, ghyll scrambling and going for 10k runs. I'd never have done that 2 years ago.

"Put in 100% effort with the plan and you'll see results."

If I could give any advice to new members it'd be to push through the first month, learn as much as you can and don't kid yourself. Put in 100% effort and weigh everything. I promise you'll see results.

**DISCLAIMER** Daisy's transformation is insane, but it's nothing YOU couldn't do. She got here through hard fkn graft and following the Life Plan.

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