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Three Reasons You Need To Stop ‘Living A Little’


With the easing of lockdown, a lot of you little tinkers will be heading out to the local Spoons ready to sink a few long-awaited drinks with friends.

What’s wrong with that, we’ve had a year from hell and you deserve to live a little, right?

WRONG! Look, we get it, you’re dying to get out there and start necking the G&Ts, but the truth is your health, fitness and weight loss journey will all suffer for it.

1. The progress you’ve made will go to sh*t

Some people will have gained weight during lockdown, but there are a good portion of you who’ll have worked really hard to stay on track. With working from home and with restaurants closed, we’ve had fewer distractions and more time to focus on losing fat. We’ve had nothing else to do but get moving, and a lot of you have been smashing the steps out and tracking properly, which equals amazing progress!

Now you’re right, you won’t regain all the fat you’ve lost all in one night, but it does start you down a path that will. One seshy night out leads to a big greasy kebab on your way home, and then a massive hangover breakfast the next day. That turns into a whole weekend written off and then before you know it Seshy Tina is inviting you out again and boom, the cycle repeats itself and you’ve regained everything you lost. Yeah we know, you’ve got to ‘live a little'. The fact is though you’ve been ‘living a little' for the past two decades, haven’t you?

2.Your night out is costing you more than you think

There are 95 calories in a standard double measure of gin. That’s before you include a sugary mixer too, so you’re looking at perhaps 150 calories for one drink, and even more in a sugary cocktail or pint of beer. Let’s say you have a few before you go out, neck a couple in the bar and then finish the night by ordering a big, greasy pizza (plus chips) and probably scarfing down a massive full English the next day. Your night out just cost you near enough 7,000 calories,and that’s before you even count the crisps you smashed in before you went out to ‘line your stomach’. Add to this the fact you’re now knackered, dehydrated, totally unmotivated to get your steps in and can’t be bothered to cook, and congratulations you’ve fallen off the wagon.

3. You won’t see results unless you do the work

If you don’t put the graft in, you’ll never see the results of all that hard work and exercise. We promise you, the results will come if you track accurately, smash your steps and hit your macros. No BS, just real, honest weight loss advice. We’ve had thousands of members transform their lives with us, and you can guarantee not one of them got the results they wanted by slacking off and ‘living a little'.

Can I go out and still lose weight?

Now hold on, we’re not saying that’s it, wave goodbye to your social life if you want to lose fat. You can absolutely go out and enjoy yourself – if you’re prepared to put the work in. You can still go out for a meal, just make sure you track it accurately. If you’re going out, get your steps on the dancefloor, choose slimline mixers and avoid creamy cocktails (AND that kebab on the way home!). If your friends are all party animals, tell them about your fat loss goals and ask them to go for a walk instead. Suggest a picnic (so you can prep your food beforehand) or go for a coffee somewhere you can accurately track. You don’t have to give up your social life, you just have to make sure it’s not impacting your fat loss journey negatively.