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What’s Important To Us

We look for potential, passion and graft. We want people who see things differently, and who genuinely care.

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Hard Graft

We work really hard! Unlike most places you’ll work in though, our staff LOVE their jobs, and we work really hard for our staff too, making sure they’re fairly compensated and supported.

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Being Switched On

Common sense goes a long way!

We’re looking for people who can make smart decisions, clearly and quickly. Where others see problems, you’ll see solutions.

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Being Kind

Kindness is at the heart of everything we do.

We treat each other with kindness and respect. We’re honest, open and have a zero tolerance policy for workplace toxicity.

Join The Team

Amazing and unique people don’t usually ‘fit in’ in normal working environments. We’re open to the big ideas that would usually be shut down in other workplaces.

We go against almost every industry standard and every bullsh*t corporate practice, opting for common sense, incredible creativity and innovation.

Perks And Benefits

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Competitive Salary

Demanding the very best of people for minimum reward isn’t fair. We believe that quality work should be fairly paid. Yes we expect your best, but that comes with fair compensation.

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As a member of the team you get free access to our Life Plan as well as free fruit, tea and coffee on site. You'll also be invited to free staff events and team-building activities regularly.

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Staff Discounts

On top of all the free stuff, you’ll get exclusive staff discounts on all of our merch, including our best-selling protein powders and clothing.

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It’s important to us that you enjoy your career at Team RH. We invest heavily in your professional development, providing training courses and mentoring to those that need it.

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Office Atmosphere

We have a zero tolerance policy on toxicity in the workplace. We spend too much of our lives at work to be miserable. We provide a fun, friendly working environment with plenty of staff socials outside of work.

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Stuff You Actually Want

Standard isn't good enough. We provide enhanced sick pay, excellent maternity and paternity pay and more holidays for longer-serving staff.

Meet The Team


Creative Coordinator

Since starting my employment with Team RH, I’ve learnt what my real strengths are, which has lead me to my current role today. There’s been continuous support from everyone, and I’m pleased to be part of a team that consists of amazing, dedicated people.


PR & Outreach Executive

Working as a PR & Outreach Exec at Team RH was the best move I could have made - no day is the same which is exciting. I’ve felt welcomed and involved since day 1; they really do live up to what they say about genuinely caring for the team and customers. And that encourages me to spread the word about how great Team RH is all the more!


Lead Designer

As Lead Designer I work as part of the team to ensure our digital products meet the needs of our users. My role is very creative, varied and there’s always interesting problems to solve. The team is very supportive and it’s great to be part of Team RH.


Head Coach

Working as the Head Coach for Team RH has me working closely with my team to ensure that we are all providing the absolute best to our members. Not only do I get to see how this helps all our members but I also see how the confidence and abilities of our coaches develop on a daily basis. Everyone's a winner!

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