What is the TeamRH Life plan?

TeamRH Life plan offers you a realistic and flexible route to dieting whilst reaching your goals. Our plan will provide you with your set calories and macros, exercise plan, whilst offering you full education on nutrition and fitness.


What food do I have to eat, and what foods are banned?

There is no food off limit! We really mean that. We will educate you how to get 3 quarters of your daily caloric intake from nutritious food , whilst the other quarter you can fill with your favourite treats if you want. You eat the food you love.


Do I have to do exercise?

We will set your program around what you’re capable of doing, so if you’re up for going to the gym then we have a program that will suit you, however say you’re just starting out, not quite ready for the gym or have trouble just moving about then we will set you realistic goals to help you progress to the next level.


I am Vegetarian/pescatarian/vegan and have food allergies, can I do the plan?

You choose the food you eat, we just show you how much to eat!


How much does it cost?

TeamRH Life Plan is £4.99 per month, with a sign up fee of £15.00.


Is there a contract, what If it’s not for me?

There is no fixed contract, you can simply cancel your direct debit if you want to opt out at any time.


What is TeamRH refund and return policy?

If you are ever dissatisfied with your experience at TeamRH, you can cancel your membership at any time. We do not offer any refunds, and since we do not sell any physical goods we do not offer any return service.