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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the POD?

POD stands for "post of the day". It's a place where you can post about your general achievements, quick fire questions to other members, and general chit chat. "Yes but why?" Well, if we were to let everyone post a separate post to the group, it would get spammed very quickly, and you'd sharp get sick of the group. Still not with us?... well the other 80,000 people in the group didn't join to read about Sandra's knocking 5 seconds off her park run, did they...

Why was my post declined?

If your post got declined, don't take offence, we promise it's not personal. We just don't think if offers much value to the MAJORITY of the group, and it's best of going in the POD. So by all means if you want to post a separate post to the group, go for it... just make sure it's going to offer value to the majority.

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