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Team RH - Barbell Pad
Team RH Fitness - Black Foam Barbel Pad
Team RH Fitness - Foam Barbel Pad
Team RH Fitness - Firm Grip Foam Barbel Pad

Barbell Pad


Product Description

  • Protect Yourself
  • Improve Form & Comfort
  • Portable
  • Use at Home or the Gym
  • Lightweight
  • Team RH Branded
  • Size: 44cm x 9cm x 3cm

Introducing the Team RH Barbell Pad or “Squat Pad”. A fantastic piece of portable kit which provides a flexible, lightweight way to add padding to any Barbell or Olympic Bar so you can smash your workout whilst not having to worry about discomfort or injury. Use the Pad at Home or in the Gym when Squatting or Hip Thrusting, to build your Booty in comfort.

Key Features

Reduce Risk of injury when performing Squats and Hip Thrusts as the Pad helps distribute weight and relieves painful pressure on spine, shoulders and hips.

Silicone lightweight flexible material will ensure the pad will not slip from the bar and also provide maximum comfort.

Portable design means the lightweight pad can be transported to the Gym, which means you don't have to share grubby communal Gym pads!

Easy to Install meaning the Pad can be easily installed and removed but remains firmly fastened during the exercise.

Multi Exercise capabilities, fitting any Barbell means this can be used to protect Shoulders, Neck, Back and Hips.