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Team RH Fitness - Black Body Weight Scales
Team RH Fitness - Black Body Weight Scales
Team RH Fitness - Black Body Weight Scales
Team RH Fitness - Black Body Weight Scales

Body Weight Scales


Product Description

  • Accurate and reliable
  • Black tempered glass platform
  • Multiple Unit options
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto On/Off
  • Team RH Branded


Weigh yourself every day and get an accurate weekly average with our Team RH branded Digital Body Weight Scales.

Available in a black glass finish with the Team RH logo on top - our digital weighing scales are high quality and built to last.

Here's some of the key features:

1. Digital Display:

 Get better accuracy and a clear reading with the digital display panel.

2. Multiple Unit Options:

Although we highly recommend you weigh yourself in pounds so that it matches to our calorie clubs, you can also change the units on the scales which gives you the option of viewing your weigh in stones or kg if you wish.

3. Auto On & Off:

No need to switch the scales on or off when in use - simply stand on them and your weight will be recorded. They also automatically switch off after use to prevent the batteries running out.

4. Low Battery Indication:

Never miss a weigh in with low battery indicator that will flash up when the batteries are due for change.

5. Batteries Included:

There's nothing worse than buying a new electronic device and realising there's no batteries included. Luckily for you every set has batteries within the box - simply plug them in and away you go.

Your weight fluctuates everyday, don't let today's number impact your emotions, weekly average is all that matters.