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Home Hero Suspension Trainer Kit - Team RH

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Product Description

Home Hero Suspension Trainer Kit

Setting up your Home Hero Kit guide

The price of home workout equipment has sky rocketed the last couple of years due to Covid and Brexit etc, meaning your average dumbbell set will now cost you at least £60! Then, as you progress in your workouts, you'll need to increase the weight continuously, costing you more and more for heavier sets.

We think this is a rip-off, so have opted for a more affordable option, that won't leave you needing to upgrade your equipment every few months - the new Home Hero Kit, a bundle containing a suspension trainer and the new adjustable booty bands.

The suspension trainer and adjustable booty bands provide both resistance and support, allowing individuals of all abilities (beginner to advanced) to workout, build muscle, lose fat and progress.

Is this equipment better than the gym? No. But can you still get amazing results at home with this kit? Absolutely!

Our Home Workout kit contains:

  • 1 x Adjustable Booty Bands
  • 1 x Suspension Trainer

Whether you want to strengthen your glutes or build up your core, these must-have items can be used together or separately by ability.

Please note - Colours May Vary

Adjustable Booty Band

  • Use at Home or in the Gym!
  • Perfect for Beginners!
  • Build Your Booty
  • Strong, Durable, High-Quality Fabric
  • Team RH Branded
  • Size: Up to 125cm x 8 cm;

Slide the Band over both your legs to add resistance when performing leg exercises. It is a great way to build and tone muscle from the comfort of your home, or offer extra resistance for those lifting weights in a Gym. 

The adjustable booty band allows you to select a size to suit. 

Key Features

Adjustable Size to suit all sizes
Strong, Durable Material gives peace of mind when working out.
Wide Non Slip material with rubberised grip to keep them from sliding down or bunching up.
Carry Bag means you can transport your Bands to and from the Gym with ease!

Suspension Trainer

  • Multi-functional workout kit
  • Complete with accessories
  • Workout anytime, anywhere
  • High quality, durable material
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Handles
  • Team RH Branded

Workout anytime and anywhere with the Team RH Suspension Trainer. This multi-functional piece of workout equipment can provide an excellent full-body workout either from home or on the go - and is the perfect tool for both beginners and experienced exercisers.

The suspension trainer can be used to complete full-body workouts, improve core strength and also focus on specific muscle groups. It's super simple to use and very easy to set up. 

The Suspension Trainer is also required to complete some of the home-based workout routines we recommend within the Team RH Lifeplan.

Key Features:

  • Complete Home Workout Kit:  The Team RH Suspension Trainer is the ultimate home workout companion - complete with adjustable straps, door anchor and carry case - you've got everything you need to complete a highly effective workout from anywhere.
  • High Quality, Durable Material: The Suspension Trainer is built to last and made from heavy duty nylon straps designed to take a load of up to 350kg. It also comes with anti-slip rubber handles for extra grip and comfort.
  • Quick & Easy Set Up: Simply attach the door anchor to the suspension trainer clip, hook it above your door and away you go - no set-up or complex installation required.

Setting up your Home Hero Kit guide

Safety Instructions

• Always check your Suspension Trainer & Door Attachment for damage before use. Replace when worn or if showing any sign of damage.

• The maximum user weight recommended for this product is 125Kg to allow for dynamic loads and to ensure your safety.

• Do not attach the anchor strap around rough or abrasive surfaces as this will damage the webbing and will reduce the life expectancy of the product.

• Be sure that when attaching the anchor strap around objects that these are strong enough to be bear at least 3 times your weight, always test the anchor point before use.

• The Door anchor. Be sure to only use the attachment as described in this manual

• Always ensure you set up your Suspension Trainer in an area free of obstacles and suitably large for your workout, we recommend a minimum of 2 x 2.5m

• Your Suspension Trainer is not a toy and can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Never swing, play or hang upside down on the Suspension Trainer. Store in a secure place out of reach of children. Do not leave outside.

• We recommend that you consult your doctor before taking up a new exercise regime and that you warm your muscles up and stretch for 15 minutes before starting your Suspension training. When exercising cease immediately if you feel any chest pain or feel faint, dizzy or short of breath. Failure to adhere to the above instructions may result in serious injury. The user assumes full risk of injury and all liability resulting from the use of the Pro Suspension Trainer and its components.

Using the Door Anchor

Adjusting The Strap Length Attaching the Anchor Strap Other than to a Door The Door Anchor dramatically increases the versatility of your Suspension Trainer.

1) Only use on solid doors that are in solid walls - do not use on stud walls or partition walls. Doors must be in sound condition with working locks. Never use on either glass or sliding doors or any lightweight doors like cupboard doors.

2) Always lock the door when exercising so there is no possibility that someone else can open the door whilst you are exercising as this may result in serious injury. Check the door is properly locked before starting your workout.

3) Always insert the Door Attachment in the hinge side of the door as illustrated below, ensuring the Door Lock Ring is on the opposite side of the door to you. Check the Attachment for damage before use, if damaged do not use.

4) Close and lock the door then test the attachment is secure before use.

5) Attach the Suspension Trainer carabiner to one of the eyelets on the door anchor at a height to suit your chosen exercise, then fine-tune the length of the suspension Trainer using the T Fastener Buckles

The Door Anchor strap can also be attached to many fixed structures so long as they are suitably strong to take your dynamic load and will not move or tip over when exercising.

1) Do not attach the Anchor Strap around objects that are rough or have sharp edges as these could damage or cut the Webbing.

2) Wrap the Anchor strap twice around the object you wish to suspend, then clip the Door Anchor carabiner to the closest Anchor Eyelet, ensure the eyelet is not against the carabiner gate.

3) Once securely attached you can clip the Suspension trainer to any of the remaining Anchor eyelets, choosing a height that best suits your intended exercise - fine-tuning can then be done with the buckle. Do not clip the Suspension Trainer on to the same eyelet that is being used by the Door Anchor carabiner.

4) Always test your anchor point before starting to exercise. There are two ways to adjust the strap length when you are working out. The fastest and easiest way is simply to unclip the Strap carabiner from the Anchor strap and reattached to a higher or lower point or to the Door Anchor carabiner.

Adjusting The Strap Length 

1) To Lengthen the strap hold one handle, releasing any pressure on the Suspension Strap, then pull the black webbing strap away from the handle. Then adjust the second Suspension Strap to match the length

2) To Shorten the strap hold one handle, releasing any pressure on the Suspension Strap, clasp the moving metal bar of the buckle on each side and pull towards you. Holding the metal bar in this position pull the handle to lengthen the strap. Repeat for the other strap to match the length.

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